Squanderlust is a podcast about the emotional side of money. It is hosted by Martha Lawton and Alex Lemon and recorded with technical sponsorship at Wardour Studios, London.

Episode 11: Interview Money A+E

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Show notes

Our first guest interview! Martha spoke to Greg Ashby and Jerry During, the founders of Money A+E.

Money A+E is an award winning social enterprise that provides money advice and educational services to BAME (Black, Asian, minority ethnic) & disadvantaged communities.This is achieved through 1-to-1 advice, workshops, mentoring programmes and bespoke training.  

  Their services help people to:

  • increase their understanding and ability to manage money

  • sustain tenancies and avoid homelessness

  • reduce stress and improve well-being

  • grow in confidence and believe in a better future

Greg and Jerry have very personal reasons for having founded Money A+E, they very kindly shared their stories.

You can get in touch with Money A+E by clicking here.

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